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LYS Tournament/League Playing Rules

*National High School Federation rules will be followed with the few exceptions listed below.

  1. All free throws are played on the release!!!

  2. Each player will be allowed a total of five (5) fouls before being disqualified.

  3. All games will be played in four (2) twenty (20) minute halves.

  4. The first overtime period will be two (2) minutes in length. The second overtime period will be one (2) minute in length. After two (2) overtimes, the third overtime will be SUDDEN DEATH. There will be one (1) thirty-second (30) timeout in overtime with no carryovers for each team.

  5. Teams will be allowed to call four (4) thirty-second (30) timeouts during the regulation game (FOR OVERTIME SEE RULE #5).

  6. Teams will be allowed to call two (2) thirty second time-outs per half. Time outs do not carry over after 1st half.

  7. No game will begin before the time listed on the official game schedule.

  8. There will be a minimum of five (5) minute warm-up period between games.

  9. All teams are expected to arrive for games AT LEAST 30 minutes prior to schedule start times. A five minute grace period will be allowed before a forfeit is declared (unless the site director approves more time). If any team is knowingly unable to make their scheduled game, they must notify the Tournament Director in advance.

  10. Coaches must enter their team roster (number at least) in the book before each game.

  11. Bonus (1 & 1) will begin on the 7th foul in a half. However, Fouls will reset every HALF.

  12. Fighting WILL NOT be tolerated. Players, coaches, or Parents involved will be removed from tourney. Please be advised that Arizona Law allow referees to call Police and can ask you to leave the facility where the incident happens.

  13. Mercy Rule: If a team is up 20 points or more with three (3) minutes or less to play in regulation, the game will go to a running clock. If the game the lead is cut less than 20 points, the clock will stop again.

  14. Only two coaches on the bench.  This includes the head coach and assistant Coach.  

  15. IN LEAGUE ONLY (NOT TOURNAMENTS) If a team is up 20 points or more, they are not allowed to press full court and must get back into a half court defensive set.


Player Eligibility

  1. LYS Tournaments are Grade based and must meet the age-exception criteria.

  2. A player’s current grade will determine the division they are eligible to play in.

  3. Ineligible athletes will be a violation and will be disqualified from further participating.  (Eligibility may be determined below).

  4. A legible copy of birth certificate and report card is required for verification purposes.

  5. All formal protests will be reviewed by the tournament committee, and their rulings will be final. If the protest is concerning age qualification, the protest must be raised PRIOR to the start of the game in question.

  6. A player may play in more than one division

  7. Any player found in violation of the age rule will be immediately suspended from the rest of the tournament, and the violating team will be given losses to all games that the violating player participated in.  

  8. Any coach, team, or player that is asked to leave the gym (This also includes anyone in their party) by a referee, Security, or Police officer will not get a refund.


Players must play in their correct grade and can not be no more than a 2 year hold back to be eligible to play.  If you are interested in playing a player down, please look at birth rules at the bottom of this page for a better understanding.  Please, if you are unsure of the the Eligibility rules, ask the director of the tournaments for clarification.

Youth Leagues and Youth Tournaments

Youth Leagues and Youth Tournaments

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